Making a and scouring the internet for advice? Yup. I’ve been there. Here are all the things I wished were just in one place for me to look at when I was first starting out.

Make a github repo the same name as your account so you can create a front page!

# Headings

A single pound sign (yes! I’m calling it a pound sign) +…

It’s not like writing the resumes you’ve always written for everything else. You can certainly use nuggets from your old resumes and plug them into your new one, but this guide will have you start from scratch. So pull up a cup of coffee, un-shrug your shoulders, and get ready…

If you are like me, then you also enjoy sketching things out. There’s something about seeing my code drawn out that helps me to make sense of it. So when I first started out with HTML and CSS, I would lay it all out in Google Draw:

Google Drawing of my HTML

Mandy Parson

Full-Stack Software Engineer

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